PricingForProfit™ 90 Day Program




Welcome to PricingForProfit™ 90 Day Program giving you the knowledge, and tools, to build a Professional, Profitable, Scalable practice.
PricingForProfit™ 90 Day Program guides you step-by-step how to:
  • Create a financial model of your business including setting 5 year goals 
  • Evaluate your client base and creating a transition plan
  • Evaluate your team and planning for the future
  • Set up your packages / engagement letters in PandaDoc1 and create proposals for your existing clients
  • Transitioning clients to their new packages (without losing, or upsetting them!)
Results our participants get from completing PricingForProfit™ 90 Day Program include:
  • 28% more income in 90 days2: based on our average participant – you may see results higher or lower depending on how many clients you have, and how many you transition to new packages
  • 97% proposal acceptance rate: the percentage of existing clients that will accept your new packages
Benefits of using the PricingForProfit™system in your bookkeeping practice:
  • Peace of mind mind knowing your engagement T&Cs protect you in case something goes wrong
  • Take the guesswork out of pricing your packages
  • Reach your 5 Year financial goals faster
  • Confidence with quoting for monthly packages


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